Discover how to detox this Summer in a holistic way

January 08, 2015

Discover how to detox this Summer in a holistic way

January is the time that we reflect on our health, and desires for a happy and successful year ahead.

Follow these simple at-home holistic tips to cleanse and rejuvenate your body in a healthy way.

1. Start the day with a glass of boiled ginger water, adding a fully squeezed fresh lemon or lime and honey before drinking (allow the water to cool down before drinking!). As a daily morning regime, this will immediately start the detoxification process. Simple yet effective, this invigorating drink assists in dilating the blood vessels and channels, scraping off undigested material (called Ama) and toxins from the system.

TIP: Adding a dash of coriander seed powder or even fresh coriander leaves will help to cool the body and reduce acidity.

2. Increasing your intake of green superfoods and chlorophyll will help to detoxify the liver and alkalise the blood and bowel.

3. Eliminate toxins from your skin by dry body brushing daily, prior to a Self-Abhyang (self-massage) of Black Seed Sesame Oil. By partaking in this ritual 30 minutes before showering, you can aid the elimination process. For a hot climate, Brahmi oil is added to this formula during the Self-Abhyang to cool the Pitta condition.

4. Aligning your diet to warmer weather is beneficial. However, make sure you add some warmth (such as grilled chicken or fish) to your greens and salads, along with good fats and oils to help those with a Vata disposition (Air and Ether) to not further agitate the gases with too much raw or cold food.

The Vata constitution does relate better to partially cooked, soupy foods with some good nurturing fats such as organic coconut oil and ghee, extra virgin olive oil and flax seed oil. These oils can be applied as a dressing to salads.

5. Let your skin glow from the inside out with the detoxifying Subtle Energies Rasayana Range - consisting of a Body Wash, Detox Body Scrub, Spa Blend and Body Lotion.