Our Treatments

The Subtle Energies treatment programs have been designed with over 20 years of clinical experience and with a holistic approach to fortify and balance the body, mind and emotions. The signature programs incorporate diverse and skilled techniques, harnessing the finest traditional Ayurveda methods fused with modern massage techniques, such as remedial, reflexology, aromatherapy and lymphatic drainage, combined with an emphasis on the Marmas

All Subtle Energies signature spa treatments stem from our Diploma in Ayurveda Aromatherapy.  These courses, written by founder Farida Irani, are now qualifications that are certified and recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework.

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Wild Kashmir Purifying Facial

This powerful facial will optimise your well- being and replenish your skin with a renewed freshness. Wild turmeric offers intense purification while exotic Kashmir Lavender soothes and restores. This deeply detoxing treatment will revitalise tired, congested and stressed skin. Toxins will be drawn out through a double cleanse, Saffron and Frankincense exfoliation, and a purification mud mask. A complete indulgence that purifies and tones.

Essential Daily Hydration

This deeply hydrating and nourishing facial restores natural vitality to the skin. Ideal for most skin types, it combines the nature’s best actives with gul heena, neem and carrot seed oil, which is known for its firming properties. A great option for men, leaving skin more revitalized, supple and resistant to the effects of urban living.

24K Gold Age-Defying Facial

This exotic and enriching skin remedy will enliven the skin whilst restoring emotional balance to total well-being. Mogra, Queen of Jasmines’ offers a wonderment of healing elements and works synergistically to boost collagen production and increase cell renewal. Combined with the restorative powers of 24K gold leaf this sensory experience will penetrate and revive the deep layers of the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The ultimate skin rejuvenator that uplifts the spirit, emotionally replenishes, and creates a positive glow inside and out.

Mukha Chikitsa, Holistc Anti-Aging Facial

Harnessing the potent blend of ancient cellular wisdom and modern science, this customised facial delivers a unique anti-ageing treatment experience. A purifying skin cleanse is followed by a dynamic double mask designed to penetrate and deliver hydration to the deep layers of the dermis. This opulent facial indulgence releases muscle tension and anxiety with a signature aromatic facial marma massage. Restore cellular radiance, leaving the skin visibly smoother and luminous. 

Soothe & Enrich Advanced Antioxidant Facial

Designed for sun exposed, dry, sensitive, or damaged skin, this intense enriching
facial therapy delivers an exceptional nutrient rich elixir that revitalises tired ageing skin. Infused with advanced antioxidants and essential fatty acids to fight free radical damage and protect the skin from the visible signs of ageing. The marma massage delivers an impressive active serum to increase collagen and hyaluronic acid production, before a botanical hydration mask locks this precious moisture into the skin. Finish this restorative treatment
with smooth, vitamin enriched skin that is deeply hydrated.

Vedic Eye Therapy

This exceptional treatment will guide you to use ancient Vedic techniques and meditation that will provide balance to the senses and the mind. Designed to improve vision, enhance memory, concentration, productivity and reduce anxiety. A Subtle Energies signature facial marma massage completes the ritual. This massage is delivered using the rejuvenating oils of Mogra and Ashwagandha and is enhanced by an intensive eye cream formulation with advanced antioxidants. This results-driven eye therapy promotes overall well-being, with specific focus on reducing stress levels and the appearance of ageing. These benefits will increase with each treatment experience.


Signature Massages

Blissful Marma Massage

Experience effective and immediate relaxation, relieving all stress related tension. Long, firm, flowing movements and therapeutic techniques at various levels of pressure are implemented; whilst marma therapy and chakra balance align vital energy centres. Enriching results-based blends deliver powerful active benefits, enhancing overall wellbeing. The 90 minute includes a Subtle Energies signature facial marma massage with potent aromatic actives designed to balance the emotions, release stress and reduce anxiety.

Deep Relief Massage

Muscle discomfort is eased and joints are strengthened with this deep tissue massage which has been created by bringing together ancient and modern therapies, including Ayurveda and Western techniques. This powerful massage is enhanced by the benefits of Ayurveda Aromatherapy analgesics that will assist in easing tension, cramps, fluid retention and eliminate toxins

Indian Foot & Leg Massage

Bring harmony to the entire body with this energizing Ayurveda Aromatherapy foot and leg treatment. Recommended for relieving jet lag, improving circulation and de-stressing after travelling, this experience begins with a foot ritual and continues with a signature massage and a bronze kasa bowl technique to draw out excess heat and stimulate marma points of the feet and legs using unique oil blends. Hot compresses and the application of double cream or lotions complete this treatment.

Indian Head Massage

This traditional Indian Head Massage incorporates the benefits of Ayurveda Aromatherapy and uses an exquisite blend of therapeutic ingredients such as Neem and Coriander Seed to induce a sense of grounding, while rejuvenating the scalp and releasing tension in the neck and shoulders. This treatment starts with an aromatic hand soak and exfoliation, followed by the Shiroabhyang and concludes with a choice of facial marma massage or arm marma massage.


Body Treatments

Rasayana Detox Body Buff

This rejuvenating light to medium exfoliation of walnut shells, buffs away dead skin cells, reducing the signs of cellulite, as hot compresses are applied in between. Uplifting aromatics of Tulasi, Wild Turmeric and Limbu invigorate, ideal for jet lag and tired skin, followed by a personalised full body hydration to compliment the detoxification process.

Himalayan Energising Body Polish

Feel invigorated as a a strong exfoliating body polish, using mineral rich, Himalayan Crystal Salts, releases toxins and stimulates circulation. Skin will be visibly radiant, releasing stress along the way with the active effects of rare Ayurveda Aromatherapy oils. Hot compresses nurture throughout and a full body hydration with rich ingredients deeply moisten and balance the skin.

Rasayana Detox Body Wrap

Revitalise, tone and purify as this active body therapy begins with a zesty exfoliation of essential oils, including cinnamon powder and walnut shells. Relax as an exquisite mineral rich clay infused with powerful herbs of Spiked Ginger Lily, Spirulina and Green Tea envelop your body providing the ultimate detox. Experience full body hydration with a choice of aromatic infused body butters, lotions or blends after.

Pearl infused Remineralising Body Mask

Experience the power of pearls with this exceptional treatment carefully designed to deliver multi-sensory results. Commencing with a skin softening exfoliation, the journey continues with a mineral rich body mask infused with active ingredients of pearl and conch shell extracts to stimulate skin cells and regenerate. Whilst cocooned in this mineral mask experience, receive a Subtle Energies signature facial marma massage, using potent anti-ageing actives of mogra and indian rose to release tension and stress, and restore balance.

Soothe & Replenish Body Rescue

Soothe, nourish and repair face and body with this deeply cooling, hydrating treatment that your skin will love. Ideal for dry, sun exposed or damaged skin, this calming face and body therapy includes a localised application of aloe vera based soothe pure plant hydration mask which will reduce redness and the antioxidant activity will help fight the free radical damage. The treatment ends with an intensive serum and butter application that will restore skin cells. The 75 minute treatment includes a full antioxidant facial.


Advanced Level Therapy

The Abhyang Fusion

A highly active and results orientated full body and face massage. Calming yet rejuvenating and detoxifying, this Ayurveda Aromatherapy treatment expertly merges Ayurveda techniques, Aromatherapy, Remedial, lymphatic drainage, marma massage, reflexology and chakra balancing. Using rich aromatic blends and various levels of pressure, this treatment is recommended for strengthening of muscles and joints, induces better sleep, as well as detoxifying, great for jet lag.


A stress-releasing treatment during which warm oil is poured over the third eye, forehead and temples to soothe and calm the nervous system. It assists with treating stress, skin conditions and insomnia, while also enhancing emotional balance, helping to get in touch with your higher being. The experience starts with a facial marma massage, with Subtle Energies’ enriching facial blend, enhancing the benefits of the traditional experience and giving your complexion a fresh and youthful glow.


Journeys and Programs

A Gentleman's Day

For the active man to the constant traveller, this customised treatment journey balances and restores one self, maintaining immunity, muscle strength and healthy skin. Your body will be invigorated and renewed with a zesty body polish, to then be transported to a place of deep relaxation with a full body detox massage, also assisting adrenal fatigue. Feel all the tension drift away as your skin is cleansed and balanced with a gentleman essential hydration facial to complete this well being journey.

Cellular Restoration Journey

Rebalance, revitalise, renew. Drawing on potent active ingredients, enhance cell regeneration and repair, with this indulgent treatment experience. Your restoration process begins with a purifying body exfoliation and a choice of a phytonutrient rich wrap, which tightly tones the skin, before being transported to a state of deep relaxation with our signature marma massage. Our customised age-defying facial completes this opulent journey, restoring cellular radiance and vitality on every level of being.

Empowering Me, A Woman's Journey

A complete treatment journey, as you celebrate your inner and outer beauty, addressing emotional and hormonal balance. Begin with a gentle meditation, the whole body is then massaged with ancient active oils of empowerment and renewal, as a fusion of therapeutic techniques increase your vital energy. This continues into a results- driven facial that is tailored to bring harmony and nourishment to your skin, using potent actives such as Mogra, Saffron and Indian Rose.  Be empowered, be rejuvenated, be you.

Subtle Energies Sleep Support

Subtle Energies Sleep Support Therapy is a tailored signature program based on clinical research and ancient practices, to assist sleep concerns and insomnia. The treatment begins with guided meditation and yogic pranayamas, that will positively impact the vital energy within. The full body Blissful marma massage, are designed to release tension and bring the body’s rhythm back into balance together with the Facial Marma massage and potent active ingredients, stimulating the pineal gland.  The Nasya (nasal oil application) which has been used for centuries for many concerns including sleep follows this process. An ideal holistic sleep support resulting in emotional and hormonal balance, connecting you to your body of bliss. The 2hr journey concludes with Shirodhara, a powerful Ayurveda technique which activates the pineal gland, secreting the sleep hormone melatonin