Wellness at Home/Work

Dinacharya or daily regime
Continue the treatment at home by following basic Ayurveda Aromatherapydaily rituals and regime. This will not only benefit the skin, enhance your treatment program but also provide you with invigoration and rejuvenation, ready to face life’s challenges for the day. 

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Detox, De-Stress Bath Ritual
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Aromatic dressing with self Abhyang

Our signature ritual that is so simple yet beneficial in using the oils for your everyday life. Do this morning or night after your shower. Listening to music while you go through the steps and make a dance out of it is a great way to start the day. 

Step 1
Choose your Ayurveda Aromatherapy Blend, the same way you would choose a colour or dress depending on how you would like to feel. These oils can enhance your detox and sleep programs and as well your general wellbeing.

Step 2
Apply a thin film of oil from your feet right up the body in the direction of the heart working your way behind all the lymphatic areas (massaging behind the knee and under the armpit) and working down from the arms towards the heart. Do not forget the navel and the abdomen in a clockwise direction along with the chest. Drain the neck region and apply oil on the cervical bone behind the neck (nape of the neck) along with oil behind the ears.

Step 3
To complete this beautiful ritual, apply a thin layer of our Subtle Energies Facial


  • You may also complete the aromatic dressing with one of Subtle Energies body lotions or double creams filled with the active plant ingredients. 
  • Exfoliating once to twice a week with the Rasayana Detox Body Scrub will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite and energise tired skin.
  • Enhance the ritual by beginning with Dry Body Brushing, then shower using one of our sulphate free aromatic washes or fortifying and relaxing himalayan bath salts, followed by the above aromatic dressing. 

Sleep Ritual

  • Subtle Energies Bliss, Tranquility or Pitta Blend applied in the aromatic dressing fashion, induces good sleep, balancing anxiety built up during the day.
  • Facial Blend is an excellent tool for sleep issues.
  • Misting your pillow at night with Pure Indian Rose Hydrosol or Soothe Hydrosol Complex will settle the senses completely.
  • Diffuse your Tranquility concentrate in an atomizer or vaporiser. The aromas continue to work on your senses through your olfactory system, as you slip away into a dream world.
  • Also see SE DYI Facial for hydration, repair and relaxation in Facial Rituals.
  • Balance the Adrenals: It is equally important to use an energising blend with the aromatic dressing technique during the day such as Subtle Energies Rasayana or Kapha Blend. This will give you the vitality you need to empower and it is especially beneficial for jet lag.

Column 1

On a weekly basis find time to unwind in a nice warm bath filled with Subtle Energies Bath Salts using Himalayan crystal bath salts and 84 enriching essential minerals and oils that permeate through the skin.

A 20-minute restorative bath is all it takes to feel revived followed by an aromatic dressing with Subtle Energies’ signature results-based oils, lotions or double creams to complete the ritual.


• Diffusing Subtle Energies Signature concentrates will compliment that perfect bath setting.

• Exfoliate with the Rasayana Detox Body Scrub to buff and polish.