Rasayana Inhalation Patches

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A new innovation in aromatic therapy, designed to enhance and support your daily routine. 

This refreshing and uplifting aroma patch promotes energy and supports the bodies response to adrenal fatigue. Not only is it ideal as a pick me up for those feeling exhausted, but it also has benefits of reducing nausea and lethargy.

These patches that adhere to the skin and your clothing offer a new way of delivering Subtle Energies’ potent aromatic actives, slowly released over a period of time. It is a part of a series of three patches using some of Subtle Energies’ most loved aromatic and therapeutic formulas. 

DO NOT USE patch in MRI. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD for children under 3 yrs. DISCLAIMER: This patch has not been evaluated by the FDA or TGA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Box of 10 patches


  • Uplifts
  • Energises adrenals
  • Reduces nausea

Key Ingredients

  • Tulasi
  • Indian Lime
  • Wild Turmeric

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  • Take out your Rasayana Inhalation Patch and remove the front foil to activate and release the aromatic concentrate. Then remove the plastic backing and adhere to your décolletage, wrist or your top for the best results.
  • Ocimum sanctum (tulasi) leaf oil, curcuma aromatica (wild tumeric) root oil, citrus medica acida (limbu ) oil citral*, geraniol*, limonene*, linalool* citronellol*, eugenol* (* Natural constituents of essential oils)

  • Decreases Kapha. Grounds Vata.
  • Citrus aroma balanced with sweet spicy and woody undertones.

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